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AdrianCooper          We here at ABC Unlimited promote Safe Roads, Social Services and Youth Empowerment through Always Being Considerate!

          Getting a DUI/DWI (Driving Under the Influence/Driving While Intoxicated) citation can be a great amount of concern. One such citation can negatively impact your driving privileges and can lead to a range of penalties including but not limited to suspension of drivers license, imprisonment, court & legal fines and other fees.

          We at ABC Unlimited offer DUI/DWI awareness and educational programs that satisfies the court requirements and also gain invaluable insight on range of topics relating to the adverse effects of drinking and driving, so you can make informed decisions on your drinking habits.

         We at ABC Unlimited also offer social services and consulting services aiming to create more effective organizations, build stronger communities and promote equality and opportunities.

      In association with Urban League, ABC Unlimited's mission is to improve the educational, economic and social well being of African-American's and similarly disadvantaged individuals in the McLean County.

      The McLean county Urban League was formed in July 2002 with the first objective being to evaluate community needs and develop strategies to address those key needs. It operates as the satellite office of the Tri-County Urban League in Peoria, IL.

      One of the league's top priorities is education. It's our objective to enhance the level of achievement for all students.

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Adrian B. Cooper               



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